Why You Need To Stop Wondering “Is Cuba Safe?”

The paid workday and the workday that’s neither paid nor valued weigh closely on hundreds of hundreds of thousands of ladies all over the world—Cuban women included, despite so many years of revolution. A 1988 survey showed that in 81% of the houses in an city municipality of Havana, in 83% of those in a suburban neighborhood of Cienfuegos and in almost ninety six% of those in a rural space of Oriente, women proceed to do all home work alone. Over 400 million women in the world right now are illiterate, however not one is Cuban.

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With the revolution, the number of consensual unions based mostly on mutual agreement, which are totally recognized by regulation, also began to extend. By 1987, for each 5 married women between the ages of 15-49, 4 others were living in consensual unions. The double day of girls who not solely work exterior the home but also, earlier than going out or after coming residence, have to scrub, iron, cook, clean and deal with the kids, has a outstanding place in any analysis of ladies’s scenario.

OnCuba mirrored the issues that protection measures in the face of the crisis on the island would contribute to dismantling inequalities in care duties, which create a second working day for girls in paid jobs. Unpaid work inside the home, which increases with the presence in it of all its members, continues to be romanticized as part of the gender roles assigned to women. All these voices had been already being heard in Cuba, sharply, insistently, in greater or decrease tones, when this historical past took place. It is the historical past of a revolutionary step taken by revolutionary women inside the revolutionary Federation of Cuban Women.

“How is it potential that in work locations where the vast majority of employees are women, all of the bosses—or almost all of them—are usually men?” she requested. In Cuba, in contrast to in lots of different Latin American countries, the statistics on the number of households headed by women aren’t explained only by male irresponsibility, poverty and unemployment. Other, even stronger components are women’s economic independence and educational level, their increased life expectancy and the convenience of obtaining a divorce. In addition, more extremely educated women insist more on relationships based mostly on affection.

For its half, the increase in violence towards women through the pandemic has been documented all through the world, on condition that many have been confined to the same area with their aggressors.1 In Latin America, violence has skyrocketed. The situation reaches the purpose that UN Secretary General, António Guterres made a call “for peace in homes,” an area where women and girls should really feel safer.


All women have the right to terminate their pregnancy up to the third month and abortions are secure and free. All pregnant Cuban women are guaranteed between 11 and 15 free prenatal examine-ups and ninety nine.9% of them give start in appropriately outfitted maternity wards. One of the first slogans that accompanied the transformation of the lives of Cuban women initially of the revolution proclaimed that “Children are born to be joyful cuban women.” Since then, childbirth has ceased to be a risk for women. Children started to be born right into a safe world where they have been assured the foundations of happiness. The indicators improved with every passing year, and right now they compare favorably to those of the world’s most developed international locations.

The Lucía of 1927, a center-class woman of blended race, works in a tobacco manufacturing unit in Cienfuegos. Her political consciousness and her love for a man committed to the fight towards the Machado dictatorship lead her to conspire and put herself at risk, however she is unable to steadiness an unequal relationship and ends up alone. Cuban society has turn into increasingly tolerant since the distant and illiberal Nineteen Seventies depicted in the movie Strawberry and Chocolate.

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When so much is invested in educating folks, tens of millions of neurons skilled in new synapses will lead society in the direction of a larger tolerance of those that think or act in another way and towards higher respect for social diversity. In several municipalities, the cultural sectors of in style power now embrace enthusiastically applauded drag exhibits as a part of their displays. The movie El último bolero, about lesbianism, is now premiering in Havana and is a field office hit.

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“It has been demonstrated that the roots of homophobia don’t go all that deep in Cuban soil. This additionally shows that we’re ready for change.” Concern is now mounting about the issue of adolescent pregnancies in Cuba. Inadequate or nonexistent sexual education and organizational and functional problems have inspired unequal exchanges of affection for sex, or more equal exchanges of sex for intercourse however involving a degree of irresponsibility or superficiality. The tendency is for adolescents to have sexual relations from an early age. The possibility of household planning has been a precedence, and now eighty five of every one hundred women of a fertile age use some sort of contraception.

Women are the most affected by the lack of many of the revolution’s achievements. Although this isn’t openly talked about, it’s one thing that needs to be mentioned, and it should be Cuban women themselves who voice the various issues that need to be mentioned, the various things that they have nonetheless not mentioned. Other unofficial, more advanced interpretations discuss with the jineteras because the protagonists of a very particular survival technique during which they—in contrast to different Latin American women—keep control of the scenario. Not only does the community not reject the jineteras, it sometimes brazenly helps and even admires them, whereas they themselves keep a high diploma of vanity.

The director of the nighttime radio program “Casa de Cristal” is a lesbian, which everybody is aware of as a result of she brazenly says so. “The revolutionary process has not been static, it has undergone change,” she commented one evening.

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