Falcon Resident Films Competition (For United Arab Emirates residents only

Only short films are accepted in this competition.
Only UAE resident directors are eligible for submission. Directors can be of any nationality.
The film should be produced in 2019 and above.
The length of the film must be 59 minutes and below.
The director can submit one film only.
All Arabic-language films must be translated into English.
All English films must be translated into Arabic.
All non-Arabic and English films must be translated into Arabic and English.
Participating in the festival is by filling out the whole application form on www.alainfilmfestival.com.
Deadline for submission is 20th October 2020.
The films with UAE premiere have priority in selection.
By submitting the application form, it is a declaration of accepting the rules and regulations of the festival and accepting all decisions of viewing committee and Juries.
Only the authorized person can submit the film and he is fully responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. If any discrepancy is found in the information provided, the film will be excluded from participation.
Only films with full information will be considered.
Films that are selected to participate in the festival may not be withdrawn.
Applicants for participation in the festival have no guarantee that the film will be shown during the festival.
There is no fee for applying and there are no paid tickets to watch participating films by the audience in the festival. No compensation will be paid by the festival to showcase the film.

Films selected to participate in different sections of the festival are determined by a viewing committees selected by the festival management.
The decision regarding the selection of films and the section in which they will be presented belongs exclusively to Al Ain Film Festival.

The Festival is not obliged in any way whatsoever to offer comments or reasons for not selecting a film submitted for one of the Festival’s programs. No legal claim to participate in the Festival can be filed.
Films that are selected to participate in the festival may not be withdrawn.

Al Ain Film Festival has the right to manage the use of film clips and photographs from submitted films selected for the festival for all its image or print ads in all pages on the Internet utmost to promote the festival.

All film copy (High resolution link, DVD) of the selected films must arrive at the festival by December 1, 2020 and must be made available for the entire festival period, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Sending films to the secretariat of the festival at the expense of the distributor/director.
The invitation sent to a film selected for participation in the program of the Festival must remain strictly confidential between the Festival and the filmmaker/producer or submitter of the film until the festival makes an official announcement of its program.
Awards will be distributed in a special ceremony organized at the conclusion of the festival.
Disputes, if any, will be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Courts in United Arab Emirates.
This regulation was issued in Arabic and translated into English. In the case of a difference of interpretation, the reference is to the Arabic version. President of the festival is authorized to determine all matters unclear or not covered.
Participation in the festival implies full agreement to all the items of this regulation.